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Go Mobile with SkyPad©


Securely access your Mac Desktop Cloud from iPhone, iPad, or Android.


Work on your Mac CloudTop©, with Macbook, iPad, iPhone or Android device .

Play music, stream videos, access files, docs, spreadsheets, directly from your desktop!  Works with 3G/4G and WiFi connections.


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Scalability Reliability Performance

Designed for the most demanding  performance and scale for Mac networked desktop and BYOD cloud workgroups, DiscCloud delivers exceptional benchmarks at price/performance order of magnitude better than others.

DiscCloud HC is an energy efficient, low power short depth 1U server, providing one of the most energy and cost effective systems for branch office BYOD needs. The DiscCloud platform is optimized for optimal virtual I/O and virtual networking. It features 10gE interface(s)* and is capable of sustaining high throughput workloads. Physical Disc I/O and Virtual Disc I/O performance is transparent delivering 5GB/sec. The v3.8 hybrid desktop and mobile device cloud platform enables service high definition media streaming to mobile devices via an HTML5 interface.

Carrier Grade Network BYOD Hybrid Cloud 

World class BYOD and mobile device user experience and satisfaction starts with service delivery from carrier grade platforms having exceptional performance and reliability.     That's why DiscCloud social network works with large Internet scale service providers to deliver best in class benchmarks in uptime, performance and throughput, serviceability, and scale.  



DiscCloud's HC delivers industry leading quad metric (Power/FormFactor/NetworkIO/DiscIO) aggregate performance benchmarks .

Network -JumboFrame      BW (Gbs)      TX_CPU %     RX_CPU %
TCP                                    9.91               ~ 3.52 (avg)    2.84
UDP                                   9.925             ~2.71              2.82

Disc I/O
5225 MB/sec
3TB Storage Pool


1U half depth

35W (avg)

Workgroup Benchmarks (e.g. Video Production)

DCDS 10gE Series 1
5000 Networked Devices (1gE)
64 Gbs (Bidirectional)

DCDS 10gE Series 2
10000 Networked Devices
160 Gbs (Bidirectional) Non Blocking

160TB Storage Array

DiscCloud Social Network  OEM members offer demos and consultations regarding your most demanding BYOD and network desktop workgroup Cloud services.


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